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Romantic Love Poems

Romantic Love Poems

» The Rose and the Bee - If I were a bee and you were a rose, Would you let me in when the gray wind blows? Would you hold yo more
» Dew - I dream that he is mine, I dream that he is true, And all his words I keep As rose-leaves hold the d more
» Snow Song - Fairy snow, fairy snow, Blowing, blowing everywhere, Would that I Too, could fly Lightly, lightly th more
» At Night - Love said, "Wake still and think of me," Sleep, "Close your eyes till break of day," But Dreams came more
» The Metropolitan Tower - We walked together in the dusk To watch the tower grow dimly white, And saw it lift against the sky more
» Gramercy Park - The little park was filled with peace, The walks were carpeted with snow, But every iron gate was lo more
» In the Metropolitan Museum - Within the tiny Pantheon We stood together silently, Leaving the restless crowd awhile As ships find more
» Faults - They came to tell your faults to me, They named them over one by one; I laughed aloud when they were more
» Spring Rain - I thought I had forgotten, But it all came back again To-night with the first spring thunder In a ru more
» Summer Night, Riverside - In the wild, soft summer darkness How many and many a night we two together Sat in the park and watc more
» To-night - The moon is a curving flower of gold, The sky is still and blue; The moon was made for the sky to ho more
» Your Love, My Lover - As dew leaves the cobweb lightly Threaded with stars, Scattering jewels on the fence And the pasture more
» I Would Live in Your Love - I would live in your love as the sea-grasses live in the sea, Borne up by each wave as it passes, d more
» Because - Oh, because you never tried To bow my will or break my pride, And nothing of the cave-man made You w more
» The Giver - You bound strong sandals on my feet, You gave me bread and wine, And sent me under sun and stars, Fo more
» The Wanderer - I saw the sunset-colored sands, The Nile like flowing fire between, Where Rameses stares forth seren more
» Houses of Dreams - You took my empty dreams And filled them every one With tenderness and nobleness, April and the sun. more
» Lights - When we come home at night and close the door, Standing together in the shadowy room, Safe in our ow more
» The Wind - A wind is blowing over my soul, I hear it cry the whole night through-- Is there no peace for me on more
» Other Men - When I talk with other men I always think of you-- Your words are keener than their words, And they more
» Message - I heard a cry in the night, A thousand miles it came, Sharp as a flash of light, My name, my name! I more
» Driftwood - My forefathers gave me My spirit's shaken flame, The shape of hands, the beat of heart, The letters more
» I Remembered - There never was a mood of mine, Gay or heart-broken, luminous or dull, But you could ease me of its more
» Oh You Are Coming - Oh you are coming, coming, coming, How will hungry Time put by the hours till then?-- But why does i more
» The Return - He has come, he is here, My love has come home, The minutes are lighter Than flying foam, The hours more
» The Mystery - Your eyes drink of me, Love makes them shine, Your eyes that lean So close to mine. We have long bee more
» The Kiss - Before you kissed me only winds of heaven Had kissed me, and the tenderness of rain-- Now you have c more
» May Day - The shining line of motors, The swaying motor-bus, The prancing dancing horses Are passing by for us more
» On My Wife's Birth-Day - 'Tis Nancy's birth-day--raise your strains, Ye nymphs of the Parnassian plains, And sing with more t more
» Pattie - Cool comely country Pattie, grown A daisy where the daisies grow, No wind of heaven has ever blown more
» If I Were - If I were a raindrop, and you were a leaf, I would burst from the cloud above you, And lie on your more
» Impatience - How can I wait until you come to me? The once fleet mornings linger by the way, Their sunny smiles t more
» The Common Lot - It is a common fate--a woman's lot-- To waste on one the riches of her soul, Who takes the wealth sh more
» Reunited - Let us begin, dear love, where we left off; Tie up the broken threads of that old dream, And go on h more
» Guilo - Yes, yes! I love thee, Guilo; thee alone. Why dost thou sigh, and wear that face of sorrow? The suns more
» Little Queen - Do you remember the name I wore-- The old pet-name of Little Queen-- In the dear, dead days that are more
» Delilah - In the midnight of darkness and terror, When I would grope nearer to God, With my back to a record o more
» Love Song - Once in the world's first prime, When nothing lived or stirred-- Nothing but new-born Time, Nor was more
» Beppo - Why art thou sad, my Beppo? But last eve, Here at my feet, thy dear head on my breast, I heard thee more
» The Farewell Of Clarimonde - Adieu, Romauld! But thou canst not forget me. Although no more I haunt thy dreams at night, Thy hung more
» Love's Supremacy - As yon great Sun in his supreme condition Absorbs small worlds and makes them all his own, So does more
» Perfume - Shake out your hair about me, so, That I may feel the stir and scent Of those vague odours come and more
» Souvenir - How you haunt me with your eyes! Still that questioning persistence, Sad and sweet, across the dista more
» To Mary - If, Mary, that imperious face, And not in dreams alone, Come to this shadow-haunted place And clai more
» In Winter - Pale from the watery west, with the pallor of winter a-cold, Rays of the afternoon sun in a glimmer more
» During Music - The music had the heat of blood, A passion that no words can reach; We sat together, and understood more
» On The Bridge - Midnight falls across hollow gulfs of night As a stone that falls in a sounding well; Under us the more
» Cythere - By favourable breezes fanned, A trellised arbour is at hand To shield us from the summer airs; The more

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