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Category: Romantic Love Poems


Why art thou sad, my Beppo? But last eve,
    Here at my feet, thy dear head on my breast,
I heard thee say thy heart would no more grieve
    Or feel the olden ennui and unrest.
What troubles thee? Am I not all thine own?--
    I, so long sought, so sighed for and so dear?
And do I not live but for thee alone?
    "Thou hast seen Lippo, whom I loved last year!"

Well, what of that? Last year is naught to me--
    'Tis swallowed in the ocean of the past.
Art thou not glad 'twas Lippo, and not thee,
    Whose brief bright day in that great gulf was cast.
Thy day is all before thee. Let no cloud,
    Here in the very morn of our delight,
Drift up from distant foreign skies, to shroud
    Our sun of love whose radiance is so bright.

"Thou art not first?" Nay, and he who would be
    Defeats his own heart's dearest purpose then.
No truer truth was ever told to thee--
    Who has loved most, he best can love again.
If Lippo (and not he alone) has taught
    The arts that please thee, wherefore art thou sad?
Since all my vast love-lore to thee is brought,
    Look up and smile, my Beppo, and be glad.

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