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Sad Love Poems

Sad Love Poems

» The Wayfarer - Love entered in my heart one day, A sad, unwelcome guest; But when he begged that he might stay, I l more
» The Shrine - There is no lord within my heart, Left silent as an empty shrine Where rose and myrtle intertwine, W more
» The Blind - The birds are all a-building, They say the world's a-flower, And still I linger lonely Within a barr more
» Buried Love - I shall bury my weary Love Beneath a tree, In the forest tall and black Where none can see. I shall more
» On the Death of Swinburne - He trod the earth but yesterday, And now he treads the stars. He left us in the April time He praise more
» The Years - To-night I close my eyes and see A strange procession passing me-- The years before I saw your face more
» Dusk in War Time - A half-hour more and you will lean To gather me close in the old sweet way-- But oh, to the woman ov more
» Nightfall - We will never walk again As we used to walk at night, Watching our shadows lengthen Under the gold s more
» The Old Maid - I saw her in a Broadway car, The woman I might grow to be; I felt my lover look at her And then turn more
» Longing - I am not sorry for my soul That it must go unsatisfied, For it can live a thousand times, Eternity i more
» Spring In War Time - I feel the Spring far off, far off, The faint far scent of bud and leaf-- Oh how can Spring take hea more
» Communism - When my blood flows calm as a purling river, When my heart is asleep and my brain has sway, It is th more
» The Duet - I was smoking a cigarette; Maud, my wife, and the tenor, McKey, Were singing together a blithe duet, more
» Wherefore - Wherefore in dreams are sorrows borne anew, A healed wound opened, or the past revived? Last night i more
» The Coquette - Alone she sat with her accusing heart, That, like a restless comrade frightened sleep, And every tho more
» An Answer - If all the year was summer time, And all the aim of life Was just to lilt on like a rhyme, Then I wo more
» Mockery - Why do we grudge our sweets so to the living Who, God knows, find at best too much of gall, And then more
» The Last Exit - Our love was all arrayed in pleasantness, A tender little love that sighed and smiled At little ha more

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