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Long Love Poems

Long Love Poems

» Helen of Troy - Wild flight on flight against the fading dawn The flames' red wings soar upward duskily. This is the more
» Beatrice - Send out the singers--let the room be still; They have not eased my pain nor brought me sleep. Close more
» Sappho - The twilight's inner flame grows blue and deep, And in my Lesbos, over leagues of sea, The temples g more
» Marianna Alcoforando - The sparrows wake beneath the convent eaves; I think I have not slept the whole night through. But I more
» Guenevere - I was a queen, and I have lost my crown; A wife, and I have broken all my vows; A lover, and I ruine more
» Erinna - They sent you in to say farewell to me, No, do not shake your head; I see your eyes That shine with more
» Young Love - I I cannot heed the words they say, The lights grow far away and dim, Amid the laughing men and mai more
» From The Woolworth Tower - Vivid with love, eager for greater beauty Out of the night we come Into the corridor, brilliant and more
» Over The Roofs - I Oh chimes set high on the sunny tower Ring on, ring on unendingly, Make all the hours a single hou more
» The Princess in the Tower - I The Princess sings: I am the princess up in the tower And I dream the whole day thro' Of a knight more

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