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Poems on Waiting for Love

Poems on Waiting for Love

» A Maiden - Oh if I were the velvet rose Upon the red rose vine, I'd climb to touch his window And make his case more
» Hidden Love - I hid the love within my heart, And lit the laughter in my eyes, That when we meet he may not know M more
» Love in Autumn - I sought among the drifting leaves, The golden leaves that once were green, To see if Love were hidi more
» Central Park at Dusk - Buildings above the leafless trees Loom high as castles in a dream, While one by one the lamps come more
» Twilight - Dreamily over the roofs The cold spring rain is falling; Out in the lonely tree A bird is calling, c more
» A Cry - Oh, there are eyes that he can see, And hands to make his hands rejoice, But to my lover I must be O more
» But Not to Me - The April night is still and sweet With flowers on every tree; Peace comes to them on quiet feet, Bu more
» Spring Night - The park is filled with night and fog, The veils are drawn about the world, The drowsy lights along more
» April Song - Willow, in your April gown Delicate and gleaming, Do you mind in years gone by All my dreaming? Spri more
» Deep In The Night - Deep in the night the cry of a swallow, Under the stars he flew, Keen as pain was his call to follow more
» Desert Pools - I love too much; I am a river Surging with spring that seeks the sea, I am too generous a giver, Lov more
» Emmy At The Eldorado - To meet, of all unlikely things, Here, after all one's wanderings! But, Emmy, though we meet, What o more
» I Come To Thee - Oh thou, mine other, stronger part! Whom yet I cannot hear, or see, Come thou, and take this loving more
» Love's Coming - She had looked for his coming as warriors come, With the clash of arms and the bugle's call: But he more
» In Fountain Court - The fountain murmuring of sleep, A drowsy tune; The flickering green of leaves that keep The light more

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