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Poems About Love

Poems About Love

» If Love Came By - O woe is me, my heart is sad, For I should never know If Love came by like any lad, Without his silv more
» Youth and the Pilgrim - Gray pilgrim, you have journeyed far, I pray you tell to me Is there a land where Love is not, By sh more
» When Love Was Born - When Love was born I think he lay Right warm on Venus' breast, And whiles he smiled and whiles would more
» Child, Child - Child, child, love while you can The voice and the eyes and the soul of a man; Never fear though it more
» A Prayer - Until I lose my soul and lie Blind to the beauty of the earth, Deaf though shouting wind goes by, Du more
» I Have Loved Much - I have loved hours at sea, gray cities, The fragile secret of a flower, Music, the making of a poem more
» On Meeting After - Her eyes are haunted, eyes that were Scarce sad when last we met. What thing is this has come to he more
» Fiction And Fact - In books I read, how men have lived and died, With hopeless love deep in their bosoms hidden. While more
» Love's Language - How does Love speak? In the faint flush upon the tell-tale cheek, And in the pallor that succeeds i more
» Upon The Sand - All love that has not friendship for its base Is like a mansion built upon the sand. Though brave it more
» Isaura - Dost thou not tire, Isaura, of this play? "What play?" Why, this old play of winning hearts! Nay, no more
» From The Grave - When the first sere leaves of the year were falling, I heard, with a heart that was strangely thrill more
» Perfectness - All perfect things are saddening in effect. The autumn wood robed in its scarlet clothes, The matchl more
» Bleak Weather - Dear Love, where the red lilies blossomed and grew The white snows are falling; And all through the more
» The Trio - We love but once. The great gold orb of light From dawn to even-tide doth cast his ray; But the full more
» Life Is Too Short - Life is too short for any vain regretting; Let dead delight bury its dead, I say, And let us go upon more
» My Heritage - I into life so full of love was sent That all the shadows which fall on the way Of every human being more
» Love In Dreams - I lie on my pallet bed, And I hear the drip of the rain; The rain on my garret roof is falling, An more

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