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Poems of Unrequited Love

Poems of Unrequited Love

» Less than the Cloud to the Wind - Less than the cloud to the wind, Less than the foam to the sea, Less than the rose to the storm Am I more
» My Heart - When Love comes singing to his heart That would not wake for me, I think that I shall know his joy B more
» A Song of the Princess - The princess has her lovers, A score of knights has she, And each can sing a madrigal, And praise he more
» Union Square - With the man I love who loves me not, I walked in the street-lamps' flare; We watched the world go h more
» By the Sea - Beside an ebbing northern sea While stars awaken one by one, We walk together, I and he. He woos me more
» Pierrot - Pierrot stands in the garden Beneath a waning moon, And on his lute he fashions A fragile silver tun more
» Debt - What do I owe to you Who loved me deep and long? You never gave my spirit wings Or gave my heart a s more
» I Shall Not Care - When I am dead and over me bright April Shakes out her rain-drenched hair, Though you should lean ab more
» I Am Not Yours - I am not yours, not lost in you, Not lost, although I long to be Lost as a candle lit at noon, Lost more
» I Know the Stars - I know the stars by their names, Aldebaran, Altair, And I know the path they take Up heaven's broad more
» Spring - In Central Park the lovers sit, On every hilly path they stroll, Each thinks his love is infinite, A more
» In A Subway Station - After a year I came again to the place; The tireless lights and the reverberation, The angry thunder more
» But One - The year has but one June, dear friend; The year has but one June; And when that perfect month doth more
» Desolation - I think that the bitterest sorrow or pain Of love unrequited, or cold death's woe, Is sweet compared more
» Gracia - Nay, nay, Antonio! nay, thou shalt not blame her, My Gracia, who hath so deserted me. Thou art my fr more
» You Will Forget Me - You will forget me. The years are so tender, They bind up the wounds which we think are so deep; Thi more
» Love In Spring - Good to be loved and to love for a little, and then Well to forget, be forgotten, ere loving grow l more
» To A Great Actress - She has taken my heart, though she knows not, would care not. It thrills at her voice like a reed i more

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