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Category: Poems of Unrequited Love

  Love In Spring  

Good to be loved and to love for a little, and then
         Well to forget, be forgotten, ere loving grow life!
Dear, you have loved me, but was I the man among men?
Sweet, I have loved you, but scarcely as mistress or wife.

Message of Spring in the hearts of a man and a maid,
         Hearts on a holiday: ho! let us love: it is Spring.
Joy in the birds of the air, in the buds of the glade,
         Joy in our hearts in the joy of the hours on the wing.

Well, but to-morrow? To-morrow, good-bye: it is over.
         Scarcely with tears shall we part, with a smile who had met.
Tears? What is this? But I thought we were playing at lover.
         Play-time is past. I am going. And you love me yet!

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